We at BeyondTimelines compiled a short remix to demonstrate similarities between the Anthrax and Covid-19 Vaccine. It’s a very poignant and touching video, brilliantly put together by Scot and Bob telling the story how the military were used and guinea pigs, and the sheer amount of untold side effects.

The original Scott Warren Miller & Bob Lee in The Vaccine Syndrome can be found at https://vimeo.com/scottmillerandco

The Vaccine in 55 Seconds

The vaccine in 55 setons with Professor Francis A Boyle

Injections to Change The Way You Think, Feel and Do Life

This is for real – Injectable technology called FunVAX, except it’s not funny at all…… the Fun part relates to “fundamentalists” and the VAX part to “Vaccine”. So in brief, if you don’t think the way the opposition would like you to think, then you get a quick shot of “FunVax – VMAT2” which will get to work changing your belief system, your intents, your desires and even your faith. It was designed and tried out approximately 15 years ago – Here is that pentagon briefing from 15 Years ago.

COVID-19 & VMAT2 Disconnecting INTENT, BELIEFS, FAITH, DESIRE & Vaccine Connection

Something Positive to Finish off With

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