1st Navigate to the Government Website

Navigate the the UK Government website (click here – also link is below) where you will discover how the use of words are used “very carefully” to persuade one into wearing a face covering, and when we say that they used very carefully, read the following excerpt taken from the UK Government own website, i.e. Your are expected to wear a face covering (( recall words and there meanings – IT DOES NOT SAY THAT IT’S MANDATORY OR COMPULSORY )) it says you are EXPECTED!

These are not our words – The above is an extract taken directly from the UK Government website

Now this next part is very important because if you thought that England works on word meanings from the English Oxford or Cambridge Dictionary then you would be very mistaken, because all UK laws, legislations, regulations, rules and so forth operate from a Legal Language called Legalese.

Legalese goes way back to 1066, but lets not get lost in history. In Legalese speak which is the language the legal British system built upon and what you will be subjected to in court of law or any communications with the Police, local government, M.Ps, central government etc etc, they all operate from the language of Legalese

Legalese has its own dictionary which one would do well to invest in, it’s called The Blacks Law Dictionary. (Blacks Law Dictionary – First Edition 1891 on page p460 the word “Expected” means the following:

To await: to look forward to something intended, promised, or likely to happen

In short – They are looking forward to you wearing a face covering – Expected doesn’t mean, you have to, must wear one, or that it’s compulsory. It means “they await, or look forward to you wearing a mask” not that it’s law, or that you are obliged to wear one.

This application of Law is the psychology of conformity, obedience, following others due to fear of confrontation, or rejection. It’s all about tricking the individual into keeping themselves in check!

2nd Carefully Read the Wording

Further down the Government website page it says, you do not have to wear a face covering “where putting on or removing a face covering will cause you distress.

Again, it doesn’t say MUST, or COMPULSORY or that it’s a legal requirement and recall that wording is very, very important to the system – In fact there is no legal UK legislation at all pertaining to the wearing of a face mask or face covering except on public transport (but more on that at a later). For now, just bear in mind there is no law, ZERO, it’s not compulsory and they are even telling you that in writing on their own website (see below). They also state clearly that if you feel distressed, then you don’t have to wear a face covering and you dont need to prove, or obtain a medical certificate to prove that. So they are making it very, very clear – Face Coverings are not required by law, nor are they medically certified, nor do they prevent the spread of viruses (it tells you that on every face-covering advert).

The Governments own words: i.e Face coverings are not classified as PPE (personal protective equipment)

In short – They are fooling you and when confronted with their own information, they come clean and back with the attitude that if you are that naive enough, or that you have not read the Government website in detail, and if you have not claimed your exemption (which is free of charge to do so) but you feel compelled to wear one, then you somehow deserve it.

Below is from the Governments own website

3rd Know The Law

Please PAY ATTENTION – The Face Covering Legislation is for Public Transport Only, NOT ANYWHERE ELSE. That means shops, businesses (yes businesses) and all others places has no legal legislation in place. If you wear a face covering it’s a personal choice (not a legal requirement) and even if it were a legal requirement, as all Governments, courts, public transport are corporations, (they are no longer Government bodies) which means you are not legally bound to AGREE with their terms and conditions, and that they can only ask you to CONSENT, but if you consent to it then YES it then become a legal requirement simply because you have just consented to their Legalese language, i.e. Legal system. Get it? in consenting “consciously or otherwise” you agreed to their corporations T&C’s which is founded and built upon the language of Legalese and not COMMON SENSE. i.e. not on common law which is common census.

In brief – Government is a corporation and so is public transport.

4th Consider The Hoax Theory

A Spiritual Take on Things

When a face covering/mask is worn, it hides the facial identity which is the souls/spiritual expression of self, and when one soul looks into the eyes of another, oppression can be easily sensed.

Masks are averse to Gods natural laws – That is: Gods natural laws give each and every human being the right to life, liberty and land. Though whatever your take on God is, whether he or she, one God, many Gods, creator or source God matters not. None of these words are meant in a religious sense. However God your creator gave you life, and from the word GO, you had unrestricted access to air. That is, the first thing you did on planet earth was to start breathing air. In that first moment of birth, you breathed unrestricted air in and out – You breathed natural fresh air – the pulse of the universe, the heart beat of God.

God the creator made all man equal, and that means No-One is above Gods laws, no king, queen, CEO, no Government, no-one,,, and from here on, you just need to become aware of that and reclaim your sovereignty.

If there is a real virus, a real pandemic and a real requirement to wear certified PPE, then fair enough. Yet as crude as it is, if you can still smell a fart, then your mask/face covering is nothing more than an “obedience tool”.

In the UK Face Coverings (not PPE masks and not even masks) but face coverings were introduced on July 24th 2020 (almost 6 months after the supposed pandemic) – Yet look up the Rockerfellers 2010 Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development – scroll to page 19 and you will find the following sentence.

Rockerfellers 2010 Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development – page 19

During the pandemic, national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and restrictions, from the mandatory wearing of face masks to body-temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets


You decide –

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