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In the post pandemic era, it is “end-to-end value optimisation”, an idea that includes both resilience and efficiency alongside cost, that will prevail


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Post covid, revenue has increased 280%. Inbuilding a “Buffer” has now become an essential.

David Morgan

C.O.O – End 2 End Sourcing

Why Use End 2 End Sourcing?

The very nature of global supply chains and their innate fragility means that arguments about shortening them have been brewing for years.

End to End – Post-COVID

End to End is not just a simple shortening of a supply chain, it’s a transparent real time system bridging primary source to end procurers utilising one vendor.

Yet the very act of vendor reduction is a complex and intricate task requiring continual monitoring, assessment and compliance feedback of environmental, quality standards, ingredient authenticity and labour laws. End to End provides these services as a means to accelerate progressive change while maintaining seamless uninterrupted supply chains.

As globalisation expands and contracts, vendor lists, quality assessments, price monitoring and system efficiency also fluctuate. They grow in complexity, often heightening fragmentation. End to End offers a commercial dendrite, increasing optimisation velocity, macro business resilience, and economic systems efficiency.

In contrast to operating from a traditional model of “just in time”, i.e. purchase to schedule that to date has served well allowing businesses to grow through “leanness and efficiency”, the newer formula of “just in case” replaces this (post-covid).

What does that mean?

just in time for just in case” provides globalised, national and localised goods – All from one vendor and whilst not an entirely new formula, due to and post-covid life has accelerated this need.

End to End super-seeds just in time by eliminating supply chain disruptions while maintaining real time feedback allowing procurement, continuity, and instantaneous adjustments across all sectors.

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Too Many Links!

Too many vendors, sub-contractors, sub-sub-contractors, & sub-sub-sub contractors?


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A Mission To Save!

Consolodating SSSC’s, SSC’s, SC’s, into ONE End 2 End vendor can yeild vast savings.


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